Bee Fee Limited


An electronic wallet and payment gateway

Just as simple as cash! Discover its benefits at any time, any place and on any device with internet access, as well as from land-based points (terminals, DTMs). This is an easy and innovative way of online payment, that is why it perfectly fits into the needs of the entertainment industry.

Paymenticon is safe, swift and convenient. It is secured by a PIN code, with all payment options included but which doesn’t reveal any financial or personal details. You can get access to your account and payments by scanning the QR code (camera in a laptop or terminal). We ensure 24/7 services along with cash deposits and withdrawals.

This is also a perfect solution for those who wish to make a quick transfer not only in PLN but also in other currency – soon Paymenticon shall allow immediate conversion of currency at favorable conditions.

Try the Paymenticon wallet – a type of a bank account with better fees, and more open for gambling business. It is also a prepaid card and online payment. All in one.


Bank security, less formalities
Low percentage fees
Quick exchange of currencies
More than a hundred
methods of payment
Non-cash money trading
Easy integration of the system